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Unreal Asia (1)

Present Tense: State Fictions, Fictional States


The Bangkok-based curators Gridthiya Gaweewong and David Teh have watched hundreds of Asian short films and combined them into a themed presentation entitled «Unreal Asia», which was shown at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen last year. At the core of their research is whether realism has any native counterpart in Asian aesthetics. The festival shows a selection of this highly interesting compendium, divided into three parts. Program 1: «Present Tense: State Fictions, Fictional States», Program 2: «Fabrications: The Theatre of Everyday Life» and Program 3: «Uncanny Geographies».   


  • Asian short films
  • Language

    Several Asian languages, with English subtitles

  • Duration

    90 mins (two projections per evening)

  • Entrance

    free and any time

Present Tense: State Fictions, Fictional States