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South Africa

Boyzie Cekwana

On the 12th night of never, I will not be held black

At last year’s festival, the South African choreographer and performer Boyzie Cekwana scored a hit with «I wanna be wanna be». This was the first part of his trilogy «Influx Control», in which he explores his identity against the backdrop of Apartheid and colonialism. For the second part, which premi.red this May at the Rencontres Internationales Chorégraphiques in Paris, he has collaborated with the outstanding South African opera singer Pinkie Mtshalie. «12th night or I will not be held black», as the title suggests, refers to that night after Christmas when traditional roles are overturned and you can do «What You Will». Boyzie Cekwana takes great pleasure in undermining his identity as a «serious» artist with self-irony and once more proves himself an outstanding performer. (esc)


  • Dance Performance, Coproduction
  • Language

    English, with German surtitles

  • Duration

    60 mins

  • Thanks

    The performances are supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC