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Table talk with artists

During the happy hour, you can meet the artists in a relaxed and informal atmosphere at the Haus am See, our new on-site venue. A perfect way to learn about the social, artistic and philosophical motivations of the artists.

 FR 20.08. Jecko Siompo, choreographer, and ensemble, Indonesia | Host: Rahel Leupin | English | Production in programme

SU 22.08. Japanese Performing Arts ‒ The Next Generation. Lecture with Hiromi Maruoka, director Tokyo Performing Arts Market | Host: Sandro Lunin | English | Productions in programme by FaifaiNiwagekidan Penin, and Toshiki Okada & chelfitsch

WE 25.08. Marcela Levi, choreographer and performer, Brazil | Host: Sandro Lunin | English | Production in programme

SU 29.08. Rolf Abderhalden and Heidi Abderhalden, founder and leader of Mapa Teatro, Colombia | Host: Sandro Lunin | French | Production in programme

MO 30.08. Toshiki Okada, director of the chelfitsch theater company, Japan | Host: Dagmar Walser | Japanese and English | Production in programme

TU 31.08. Look-out 2011: coproduction with theatre group Omsk, Lotte van den Berg, Netherlands, and artists from the Democratic Republic Congo | Host: Sandro Lunin | English |

WE 01.09. DasArts Mobile Counter. With Barbara Van Lindt, executive director Theatre Academy DasArts Master of Theatre, Amsterdam | Host: Rahel Leupin | English | Productions in programme by students of DasArts: Ntando Cele and Ivo Dimchev 

TH 02.09. Pichet Klunchun, choreographer and dancer, Thailand | Host: Dagmar Walser | English | Production in programme

FR 03.09. Vanessa Van Durme, actress and initiator of  «Gardenia» by Alain Platel, Frank Van Laecke and les ballets C de la B | Belgium | Host: Dagmar Walser | English

SA 04.09. Wang Jianwei, video artist, sculpturer and director, China | Host: Dagmar Walser | Chinese/German | Production in programme

SU 05.09. watch & talk. Public talk with the participants of watch & talk | Host: Sandro Lunin |German and French

  • Talking about theatre
  • Language

    as indicated

  • Duration

    45 mins