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Switzerland / China

400asa & Peng Hao Theater

La cérémonie

Eine Geisterbahn

The Swiss company 400asa, renowned for their dogma-style theatre productions, collaborates with Chinese actors and the Beijing Peng Hao Theatre to present the premiere of «La cérémonie». Based on Claude Chabrol’s film of the same title, this open-air staging takes a critical look at bourgeois ceremonies and revives revolutionary traditions. Using the most simple means, director Samuel Schwarz turns the festival site into a ghost-train ride of social upheaval. (MB)

  • Theatre, Premiere, Coproduktion
  • Language

    German, Chinese, English, Swiss German

  • Duration

    2 hrs 30 mins

  • Thanks

    The performances are supported by the Ernst Göhner foundation.

La cérémonie