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Neville Tranter & Stuffed Puppet Theatre

Punch & Judy in Afghanistan


«Punch and Judy in Afghanistan»? Now isn’t that a bit over the top given the country’s situation? Neville Tranter has never cared about taboos or political correctness. Once more he makes common cause with his charismatic puppets to cast a pitiless light into the bleak abyss of the human soul. «Punch and Judy in Afghanistan» tells the story of Nigel, a naïve puppeteer who is sent to Afghanistan to entertain the allied troops. But his assistant Emil has run away with a camel and Nigel goes looking for him. During his search, he encounters various war-torn figures: a jaded BBC reporter, a shell-shocked UN soldier and an Egyptian crocodile who sells body bags. Finally, he reaches Tora Bora and meets Punch Bin Laden and his bloodthirsty wife Judy … (kdi)

  • Puppet theatre
  • Language


  • Duration

    45 mins