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Information for media representatives

Documentary material
We are happy to provide you with written and photographic material and to organize interviews with the artists. DVDs and CDs – if available – and portfolios of the respective companies can be requested at our press office. Please let us know your requirements in advance. The following information will help to facilitate your inquiries.

Info sheet for media representatives

List of DVDs and CDs 2010

Accreditation & press tickets
Please return the filled in form of your accreditation and press ticket order no later than FRI 6 August. You can pick up your tickets as of MON 16 August in our press office on the festival site.

Per media and performance only one press ticket is issued. For certain performances, it is possible to purchase an additional ticket.

Accreditation form

Audio and visual recordings
For photographs, television, video and audio recordings made during the performances a special permit is needed from the press office.

In case it is prohibited to take photographs during the performance, a special photo rehearsal takes place beforehand. Those rehearsals are often arranged at short notice. The press office announces the rehearsals via email no later than the day before. If you would like to receive this information, please send an email to: presse@theaterspektakel.ch

Download pictures
The following images are free of charge when published within the context of an article about the festival. Please let us know if you like more or others.

Boyzie Cekwana

Enrique Diaz, Cristina Moura & Coletivo Improviso 1

Enrique Diaz, Cristina Moura & Coletivo Improviso 2

Jecko Siompo



les ballets C de la B

Mapa Teatro 1

Mapa Teatro 2

Studio Orka & Kopergietery

Pichet Klunchun 1

Pichet Klunchun 2

Toshiki Okada 1

Wang Janwei


Before the festival
From now till FRI 13 August 2010

Stadthausquai 17
8001 Zürich
Tel. +41 (0)44 412 35 51

During the festival
From MON 16 August to SUN 5 September 2010

Pressoffice at the festival site
Esther Schmid / Ulrich Schaffner
phone +41 (0)44 488 18 80